AIs are like bikes. Maybe, but then what? 🤔

The thing that we have to come to grips with in a world of ubiquitous, powerful AI tools is how much it can do for us. The multiplier on human effort is unprecedented, and potentially disruptive. But this fact can often feel abstract.

Ethan Mollick

I like the ‘multiplier on human effort’ quote.

Bicycles are force multipliers. I like bikes too.

Steve Jobs said ‘computers are bicycles for our minds’ (or something to that effect )

All MVPs start with skateboards evolve through bikes and end up as cars. That’s a fact, I don’t make the rules.

So maybe computers are skateboards and AIs are bikes? But then what are cars? 🤔

Given the scare-mongering about the long term effect, it’s worth noting that cars kill millions of people every year and are signification contributor to the actual end of the world.

Maybe we should stop at bikes